Private in-house wellness located on the ground floor of the chalet is the perfect place to relax. Surrounded by peace and quiet of the Tatra countryside, you will discover your little paradise and perfectly regenerate your body and mind. You will find a design glass Finnish sauna, a rest room with anatomically shaped loungers, vital bar  + Lodge Jacuzzi Villeroy & Boch.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna has a beneficial effect on your health and is excellent as a prevention of various diseases. Its effect is mainly the relaxation of the musculoskeletal system and subsequent overall relaxation Temperature: 85-110 °C.

  • Relative Humidity: 10%
  • Recommended stay: max 15 minutes.
  • Repetition of procedures: 2-3 times
  • End of sauna: cooling with cold water
  • Effect: Hyperemic, relaxing, regenerative, revitalizing, strengthening of the immune system, stimulating, total body and mental relaxation.
  • Unique optical fiber system pleasantly illuminates the spaces of your sauna
  • All-glass walls – impressive glazing of the front and side walls, with a design connection in the corner

Lodge Jacuzzi

Make yourself comfortable in a cozy seat or lie down on one of the two full-sized loungers. Comfortably relax surrounded by thousands of air bubbles and massage jets with the enchanting view of Lomnický štít (Lomnicky peak, 2634 m above sea level) Temperature: 38 °C.

  • Each lounger and chair is fitted with chiropractically arranged nozzles playing its own role in the most efficient way of pressure and pulse massages of specific muscle groups
  • MicroSilk is a unique system of hydration and a healing therapy using a special technology to saturate a water bath with billions of microscopic air bubbles
  • Up to 16 individually adjustable massage nozzles in areas of lymph nodes
  • Alternating and progressing pressure of JUMBO JET nozzles improves the flow of lymphatic vessels
  • We have a unique underwater jet system with alternating and variable pressure for you
  • Total number of nozzles 81 pcs of Ultra Jets Nerez P.H.C.
  • Chromotherapy LED RGB 12 multicolor illumination around the tub
  • Waterfall, air massage, a neck-fixation collar with massage of neck and trapezius muscles